Noble x Ibex Wool Denim A limited edition pair of jeans, this collab from Noble and Ibex combines a modern tapered cut with a technical wool-and-cotton fabric.


We’ve seen jeans reinforced with Dyneema and we’ve seen denim reinforced with spandex. So why not merino wool? That’s exactly what they’re doing with the Noble x Ibex Wool Denim, which combines the traditional cotton with the technical fiber to deliver a whole lot better performance.

Designed to serve as your jeans of choice in the coming colder months, the pants leverage the natural technical talents of merino to better regulate body temperature, ensuring you’re as toasty waist down as you are with a jacket from the waist up.  And, yes, it inherits the rest of merino’s vaunted talents, from providing natural UV protection and wicking moisture to preventing odor buildup and resisting heat from open flames.


The Noble x Ibex Wool Denim is a mid-rise pair of jeans with a modern fit that tapers down from the knee, so it should pair nicely with any contemporary wardrobe. The fabric uses very small micron-diameter fibers, making the finished garment feel extremely soft and comfortable to the touch, with the 60 percent wool and 40 percent cotton combo ensuring it exhibits technical performance better than most pair of jeans in your closet.


Features include a classic five-pocket design, copper rivets and buttons, and an Amish-branded leather patch. Ibex claims the wool makes the garment resistant to dirt and stain, making it a whole lot easier to keep clean.

A limited edition design, the Noble x Ibex Wool Denim is priced at $300.

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