Nixon Regulus SS A stainless steel version of the outfit's best-selling watch, it decks the popular timepiece in a style that's more suited to the streets.


At a certain age, some men stop wearing digital watches as part of their everyday attire. Those burly G-Shocks just stop looking as good with your work clothes as they did when you were a little younger. When the digital timepiece is clad in all-steel case and bracelets, though, something about even the simplest digital watches feel elevated. That’s exactly how we’re feeling about the Nixon Regulus SS, a stainless steel version of the outfit’s staple timepiece.

To the unfamiliar, the Regulus is a model usually made with a rubber case and strap, leaving it exceptionally durable and suited for wearing in extreme conditions. We’ve long adored it as a great watch for wearing in the backcountry, all while making for a sleeker alternative to G-Shocks when it comes to everyday use. For our money, this one’s even better.


The Nixon Regulus SS swaps in the rubber in favor of forged stainless steel, making it even more wearable as an everyday timepiece, as the all-metal build lends itself very well-suited to a whole lot of different outfits. From Sunday sweats and Saturday clubbing attire to your date night blazer and casual work ensemble, this is a watch that can easily blend in with most anything in your closet. Granted, the metal build makes it a little less suited for wearing in the outdoors like the original versions, although looking at the watch, we have a feeling we can rock this with our favorite backcountry threads, too.

While it changed materials, it retains the same familiar design elements of the original Regulus, from the sturdy screw bar construction and 100 meters of water resistance to the protective raised bezel and impact-resistant foam layer under the case back. That means, this thing remains as rugged as any previous model, ensuring it’s as functional in the backcountry as it is great-looking during use around the city.


The Nixon Regulus SS has the same high-contrast LCD dial and display layout as the original, so it shows the time, the date, and two digital chronograph timers that are viewable simultaneously, each of which can be controlled using buttons on the side. It also retains the adjustable brightness, so you can make it dark enough to be just visible up close, as well as the silent mode to keep it from making any unwanted sounds for those times you’re carrying out a top-secret covert mission. We know, you’re just fixing up the room for a surprise party, but still… that requires a fair amount of discretion.


It pairs the all-steel injection-molded case with a tapered three-link bracelet and double-locking clasp to complete the sophisticated look, with either a silver, matte black, or matte gold finish. Features, by the way, include dual time, 12- and 24-hour formats, auto calendar through 2099, 1/100 second resolution for the dual chronographs, and three independent alarms. Do note, all the extra protection inside the case means it veers o the larger side, with the case measuring 46mm, so keep that in mind if you’re thinking of picking one up.

The Nixon Regulus SS is available now, priced at $250.

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