Nitecore Tip Flashlight Remember when keychain flashlights got you 15 lumens and you were happy? Thanks to tiny powerful torches like this one, you won't be happy anymore.


Keychain flashlights have never been the most powerful, usually getting you just enough light to see where you’re walking on or find your travel underwear in the closet. The Nitecore Tip, however, can do so much more.

Equipped with a maximum output of 360 lumens and a maximum beam distance of over 200 feet, this thing brings serious lighting power. That’s comparable to torches way bigger than its thumb-sized dimensions, allowing you to carry a powerful flashlight while using up minimal space in your pocket.


Since it’s too small to take AAAs, the Nitecore Tip Flashlight comes with a rechargeable internal battery, which can hold up to 46 hours of runtime. It’s loaded with safeguards, too, protecting you from over-discharges, over-charges, and short circuits, so nothing’s going to be exploding in your pocket any time soon. A specially-treated glass through which the light passes enables the flashlight to have such a far throw, while durable all-metal construction allows it to resist impact up to 5 feet and keep out water (it’s IP54 rated).


Features include four lighting modes (1 lumen, 35 lumens, 150 lumens, and 360 lumens), simple two-button controls, two color temperature options, a memory function, a rear suspension ring for attaching to your keychain, and integrated battery charge indicators. It measures 2.39 x 0.96 x 0.53 inches (length x width x depth).

Slated for availability soon, the Nitecore Tip is priced at $29.99.