Nite Ize Pet Lover Adventure Kit Nite Ize bundles some of their pet-centered offerings in this handy kit, which should make it a lot more fun to take your pets to the backcountry.


We’re big fans of Nite Ize and the wide array of gear they produce, which range from outdoor essentials and DIY stuff to phone accessories and many things in between. Recently, the outfit decided to bundle a bunch of their items as part of kits aimed at specific types of individuals, making it easier for folks looking to buy gifts or discover items they find interesting. One of our favorites of the lot is the Nite Ize Pet Lover Adventure Kit, which puts together a bunch of products that any of dog-caring fellow is likely to appreciate.

No, these aren’t especially unique products. If you enjoy taking you dog when hiking, camping, or even just out for a walk at night, though, this kit contains a number of items you’re bound to find very useful.


The Nite Ize Pet Lover Adventure Kit contains six items: a LED collar light, a poo bag dispenser with a refill roll, a dual-locking carabiner, a LED safety necklace, a LED ball with thrower, and a LED disc toy. The LED collar light is a small ball with multi-colored LEDs inside that you can hang on your pet’s collar to keep them visible at night. You can select from one of six colors to differentiate between pets if you brought more than one dog to the camp, with the darn thing also serving as a functional key fob, in case your dog doesn’t need it.

The poo bag dispenser, we’re guessing, is self-explanatory, since it remains a good idea to clean after your pet even when you take them out on the trail. It comes with a roll-back design that lets you reel in any extra bags you accidentally pull out, so you don’t end up wasting any bags.


The LED safety necklace offers a similar solution to the LED collar light, keeping your dog visible in the dark. Instead of merely hanging from its collar, though, the entire thing wraps around their neck, providing 360-degree visibility for your pet. It measures 27 inches long and can be cut without damaging the lighting function by up to 15 inches, allowing it to fit both big and small dogs alike. Other features include a weather-resistant build, selectable colors, and a run time of 5.5 hours between charges.


The last two items in the Nite Ize Pet Lover Adventure Kit consist of toys you can use to keep your dog active, whether in the backyard, at the park, or out in the backcountry. The LED ball is, as the name implies, a light-up ball you can send your dog chasing even late in the night. It comes with a collapsible thrower, so you can keep the whole rig in your pocket, along with color-selectable LEDs that are motion-activated, so the LEDs only light up whenever it’s in use. The disc, on the other hand, is a light-up 8-inch Frisbee with the same multi-color LEDs and a runtime of 20 hours between charges.

The Nite Ize Pet Lover Adventure Kit is available now, priced at $88.

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