Nisnas Industries Vortex Leather Carry With a baguette-shaped main compartment housing a hive of pouches, this bag can organize your EDC essentials in style.


All you want to carry is a small bag that can house your phone, a multi-tool, and maybe an extra shirt for an emergency change. Except, you also want a bag that can carry a baguette for those mornings you want to have a loaf of carbs on tap. Well, we think we found that bag in the Nisnas Industries Vortex Leather Carry.

Cut in a size that the outfit describes as a “sweet spot for urban adventure,” the bag sports a long main compartment with a hive of pouches inside that you can use to organize small items like wallets, flasks, compact cameras, hard drives, power banks, multi-tools, and more. That or a single 12-inch baguette, depending on what you’ve got in mind for the day.


The Nisnas Industries Vortex Leather Carry is handmade from full-grain leather, with dimensions that span 17 x 5 inches (length x width). A long zipper running across the surface gives you access to the main compartment, with a second smaller zippered compartment sized to hold a phone for easy access. Paranoid about identity theft? Don’t worry, a section of the bag sized to hold a wallet comes with an anti-RFID layer, ensuring no one can steal your card information over the air.  It comes with an adjustable “bombproof” (we’re not sure what that means) leather sling that you can use it carry it over your shoulder or across your body.


Available in blue and tan, the Nisnas Industries Vortex Leather Carry is priced at $290.

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