Nike for J.Crew Killshot 2 Didn't get a chance to nab one of those Killshot sneakers the last time Nike let them out? Well, you just got another chance with a new limited run.


Unlike other popular Nike silhouettes, the Killshot has not exactly been a staple of the brand’s lineup. Instead, it pops up every now and again (last one was three years ago), only to fly off the shelves and stock rooms before going into another hibernation. Fans who’ve been waiting to finally get their hands on the coveted sneaker will get another shot courtesy of the Nike for J.Crew Killshot 2.

Originally released as a low-profile tennis shoe 30 years ago, the silhouette looks every bit as fresh today as it probably did from decades back. Seriously, you can pair this thing with any contemporary streetwear outfit and it will look perfectly on-point.


The Nike for J.Crew Killshot 2 takes on the same shape and profile as the original silhouette, but decks it in a sleek leather upper with suede paneling for a truly premium look. It pairs that retro-styled upper with a natural gum rubber outsole, as well as padded footbed for comfortable all-day use. The latest iteration of the Killshot sees it decked it in white leather, gray details, and a navy swoosh logo, with white cotton laces rounding out the ensemble.


No word on how many units of the Nike for J.Crew Killshot 2 are currently available before it returns to hibernation, but given that they’re restricting purchase to one pair per customer, we’re guessing it’s pretty limited.

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