Nike Air Zoom SuperRep These shoes combine cushioning and support in equal doses, making it ideal to wear during HIIT workouts.

Do you prefer attending class workouts instead of slumming it out in a corner of the gym all on your own? It’s a great way to streamline your exercise time, after all, since you can go in, attend a class, and get a serious workout in under an hour. HIIT routines are a very popular part of many class workouts, as it pushes participants to go all out while giving them periods of recovery in between. The Nike Air Zoom SuperRep is designed precisely for those classes.

According to Nike, most people who attend class workouts use shoes that prioritize either support or cushioning, but rarely both. It’s not that they didn’t want one, by the way. Instead, it’s just that there aren’t many models that focus on those things with equal importance. These shoes change that.

The Nike Air Zoom SuperRep is, basically, a gym shoe that provides both cushioning and support that are specific to fundamental HIIT movements. For cushioning, they use Zoom Air in two separate areas along the forefoot, which helps provide impact protection and immediate response in exercises like high knees and box jumps, with a midfoot plate running from the heel to the forefoot connecting them, so they still respond in unison. This same plate helps roll the foot back into a steady position after a movement, ensuring folks can more easily regain their balance after a particularly difficult action. According to Nike, the plate has been optimized to perform this action for a majority of upright HIIT movements.

It has an upper that’s been specifically crafted to support lateral motion, which is rare to find in most gym footwear, while durable arcs on each side of the shoe contain the foot, ensuring the whole shoe goes along as you move from side-to-side. If you do movements like side lunges and similar exercises, we imagine this thing can help really stabilize your foot.

The Nike Air Zoom SuperRep has a section on the forefoot called a “burpee break” can flex to allow the foot to bend naturally when performing exercises like mountain climbers. We imagine that same section will help a lot when doing calf exercises, too. They finish it off with an exaggerated arc design near the ball of the foot, which gives it a really unique aesthetic when viewed from the sides. Truth be told, we don’t know if we like that signature element (it makes the outsole look like that on a formal shoe), but Nike claims it will be a fundamental element in all three initial styles they plan to release in the SuperRep line, so they better hope more people feel differently.

The Nike Air Zoom SuperRep will come out January 2, which should be perfect for all the new fitness club signups the New Year regularly brings. The expansion of the line continues in April with a model called SuperRep Go and in the summer with a model called the SuperRep Cycle, which, we imagine, will be for spin class. No pricing has been announced.

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