Nike AeroReact Golf Polo A streamlined version of the golf course staple, Nike's new golf polo combines a slim cut with a clean design and a self-adjusting breathable fabric.


It’s not quite the classic throwback polo from the long gone days of the PGA Tour. We have to say, though, we love the clean, no-frills aesthetic of the Nike AeroReact Golf Polo, which combines a contemporary slim fit with modern styling and the utter absence of gaudy elements.

That’s right, a modern golf shirt without bright colors and loud graphics, making it a great fit for those who have not quite grown into the crazier designs of contemporary tops. Billed as a streamlined take on the golf course staple, it pairs that clean façade with a body-hugging cut that should show off your natural profile, whether you’re tall and slender, buff and chiseled, or ate a little too much during the holidays.


The Nike AeroReact Golf Polo is cut in a Dri-Fit fabric blend that combines 78 percent polyester and 22 percent nylon, with a unique quality that allows it to open up and increase breathability when you sweat, then closing back as you cool down to lock in warmth inside. Despite the contour-hugging fit, the shirt is designed to facilitate a full range of motion, with a low-profile blade collar ensuring it never creates a distraction at any time throughout 18 holes. Other features include a Swoosh logo on the chest, a hidden two-snap placket for adjustable coverage, and three color options (gray, white, and red).


Available now, the Nike AeroReact Golf Polo is priced at $90.

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