Nike Aeroloft Golf Jacket The golf course has many ways of tempting you back to its fold even in the winter. Get this jacket and be ready to play those chilly, cold weather rounds.


It might be tempting to stay in when colder weather arrives, but the fairway has many ways of tempting you back to its fold. Sometimes, you’ll miss the mental challenge of an intense game. Other times, you’ll long for the camaraderie with other players. Mostly, though, your bank account needs you to haul your ass to the golf course because that’s how your business deals get done. Best add the Nike Aeroloft Golf Jacket to your golf wardrobe to get you through those winter rounds.

Designed to help you tune out inclement weather through 18 holes, the garment uses Nike’s Aeroloft paddings, which combine lightweight insulation with perforated ventilation to keep the ideal amount of heat in, while letting excess heat and moisture escape. It does that while carrying minimal weight, too, so your swing remains unimpeded even while you shrug off the prevailing chill in the air.


The Nike Aeroloft Golf Jacket has a poly fill that can help keep you dry when a drizzle comes by the course, with an inner knit sleeve and back providing additional warmth to ensure optimal temperature. Engineered laser-cut holes in between each panel of insulation provides the necessary ventilation, while the use of stretchy fabrics enable maximum range of motion, whether you’re driving from tee, pitching from a sand trap, or putting on the green. It comes with zippered pockets, complete with a cord port for keeping your headphones out of the way.

Available now, the Nike Aeroloft Golf Jacket is priced at $190.