New Balance Trailbuster Re-Engineered No, it's not a new trail runner. Instead, this 2016 version of New Balance's OG mountain runners is built for matching your distinctly urban style.


Remember the Trailbuster, one of the first mountain runners to appear in New Balance’s line? It was awesome at the time, but it isn’t exactly up to the technical specs of modern trail sneakers. And while it would make sense for the Trailbuster Re-Engineered to be a modernized trail runner, it actually isn’t, as New Balance opted to deck the new shoe for casual everyday wear.

That’s right, the old trail runner is now a perfect pair of sneakers for your urban-casual outfits. Yes, it still retains the technical elements that once made it a prime choice for running through rocky and bumpy terrain, but with a modified upper that ensures it blends it better with the sweats, jeans, and chinos you’ll be wearing through the fall.


The New Balance Trailbuster Re-Engineered gets its name from a “skeletally engineered” upper that fuses two extremely light materials (one textile and one synthetic), bonding them without the need for sewing. According to the outfit, this produces an upper that delivers an exceptionally light support and fit, so this should wear even more comfortably than the silhouette’s original incarnation. While the upper is new, the outsole retains the tough and grippy rubber of its predecessor, making it suitable for running in the wetter roads of the coming months.


Available now, the New Balance Trailbuster Re-Engineered is priced at $109.99.

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