New Balance 997 Black And White We're not entirely sure when New Balance actually became cool, but even if they weren't, these monochromatic 997s are the absolute business.


Yes, New Balance are still sneakers for old people, but enough rappers and youth culture stalwarts have co-signed them that you don’t have to be in your 40s to actually rock a pair these days. These New Balance 997 Black and Whites, in particular, look like the absolute business. I mean, tell me you can’t see yourself rocking these, whether with jeans, joggers, or a pair of athletic shorts.

Clad in a monochromatic colorway, the shoe, surprisingly, gains some seemingly genuine aggressive personality. Like, imagine yourself wearing this with a Brooklyn Nets short, hopping down to the courts for a game, and shooting nothing but layups the entire time. Normally, the fact that you’re wearing New Balance while doing that is hilarious. With this pair on, though, it’s probably still funny, but a little more respectable.


The New Balance 997 Black and White features a black suede upper, with white overlays, white liner, and white embroidered branding on the tongue. Completing the two-tone motif is a white midsole paired to a black outsole, with everything done up in that same made-in-the-US craftsmanship that the company has continued to pride itself in over the years (yes, it’s a part of their 25 percent run that don’t come from Asia).


We’re not sure how many of these they’re keeping in stock, but we suggest nabbing a pair if you can. Jokes about being old and “can’t dunk if your life depended on it” notwithstanding, these are about as cool a pair of 997s as we’ve seen. The New Balance 997 Black and White is priced at $210.