New Balance 247 Sport New Balance had an instant hit on their hands with the 247 lifestyle shoe. This more technical, sportier version now makes it suited for runs and workouts.


We’re big fans of New Balance’s 247 lifestyle shoe, which marks their interpretation of the low-profile sock shoe silhouette. It’s a great shoe to wear at work or a day out in the town, but it’s not all that great for slipping on during workouts. The New Balance 247 Sport outfits the new silhouette in a build that’s more suited for active play.

Instead of the leather upper on the original Luxe silhouette, the new shoe comes fitted with a sportier construction, making it better suited for activities like running and weights training. It does that while retaining the same look, fit, and feel as the original, so you get the same versatile aesthetics that made the new silhouette such an instant hit.


The New Balance 247 Sport combines a lightweight engineered mesh upper with synthetic overlays, along with a neoprene bootie for a snug, sock-like fit. It won’t quite perform as well as their running sneakers during runs and workouts, but it should deliver suitable support all the same. Borrowing elements from their performance running shoes, it comes with a reflective welded logo, a reflective collar strap, and a rubber sport tongue label. It comes in four colorways: blue, black, olive, and orange.


Slated to hit retailers February 4th, the New Balance 247 Sport is priced at $94.

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