Nemo Roamer Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad Nemo's four-inch thick sleeping mat gives you mattress-like comfort in the outdoors if you're willing to put up with the size.


If you noticed something about outdoor gear in the last few years, it’s that everyone’s trying to make stuff that’s smaller and lighter. The more effortless and convenient it is to carry on your pack while hiking, the better. Not everyone who enjoys the outdoors explores the wilderness on foot, though. Those who prefer car camping and overlanding, for instance, probably don’t care much for the size and weight savings, placing more value instead on an item’s overall utility. The Nemo Roamer is designed for those individuals.

A self-inflating sleeping pad, the accessory comes in at a bigger and thicker size than your typical outdoor fare, giving you an expansive sleeping surface that, the outfit claims, will allow for mattress-like comfort. We know, sleeping in a tent on  humid summer evening a short hike from the campgrounds will never be as comfortable as sleeping in the climate-controlled bedroom from your hillside mansion, but doing it on this sleeping pad may be as close as you can get.


The Nemo Roamer is made from self-inflating open-cell foam, giving you a four-inch thick pad when fully blown up, ensuring you’re fully shielded from the cold, hard ground underneath. Equipped with a level sleeping surface, it allows you to lay down flat even when you’ve set up camp in rough and bumpy terrains, while the rugged 75D polyester on the base of the pad should be durable enough to shrug off sharp rocks and other abrasive surfaces. This quality makes it viable for setting up not just on soil and sand, but even on the back of a pickup truck, on gravel, or the roof rack on your car (hey, sometimes, it’s the best place to sleep).

According to the outfit, the mattress itself can keep its occupants toasty down to -30 degrees Fahrenheit, so it adds additional warmth even when you’re camping exposed to the cold mountain breeze. It’s covered in a premium 50D stretch fabric that provides a quiet and comfortable sleeping surface, while micro-adjust valves allows you to let air out when you feel like it, for those times you feel the pad’s been inflated a little too much. Toggles on the corners of the pad, by the way, allow you to connect multiple sleeping pads together, just in case you want to lay down on a large bed in a gigantic tent in the campsite.


The largest Nemo Roamer model measures 80 x 30 inches (length x width) when fully blown-up, giving you plenty of room to fit even the tallest and widest physiques, all while packing down to 15 x 10 inches (height x diameter), which is admittedly large for a pack you plan to take hiking, but perfectly acceptable when you’re setting up just a short walk from the campgrounds. It weighs just 5.2 pounds, thanks to a dual-axis coring design, allowing it to come in lighter than most pads its size, so it won’t really add that much heft to your outdoor stash.


Want one? The Nemo Roamer is available now.

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