NEMO Flyer NEMO's hybrid sleeping pad for camping combines the comfort of air pads with the insulation and durability of self-inflating foam pads.

As far as sleeping pads go, air pads and foam pads each have their own pros and cons. Air pads, for instance, are very comfortable with their thick builds while being very lightweight. Foam pads, on the other hand, offer good insulation, better durability, and more versatility. The NEMO Flyer combines the best of both, turning out a hybrid sleeping pad that hits the sweet spot between air and foam models.

Designed to deliver the comfort of air pads and the insulation of foam pads, the camp bedding is, basically, a self-inflating pad with open-cell foam inside. You know, like many popular foam pads today. Except, that foam gets very wide channels built into it, which can fill up with air to give you that thick, comfortable sleeping surface, similar to the air pads that have become the de facto choice for many campers today.

The NEMO Flyer is a lightweight, three-season sleeping pad that uses a unique self-inflating foam with built-in air baffles, endowing it with the cushioned and stable thickness of air pads while delivering the insulation, durability, and resistance to bottoming that you get from open-cell foam. To achieve this, they used 3D sculpting, essentially removing 60 percent of the material on an open-cell foam to create those wide air channels. The result is erstwhile regular foam that can pack down with reduced bulk, all while inflating to a 290 percent thicker profile once it’s filled up with air.

For insulation, it boasts an R-value of 3.3, which provides moderate insulation, making it viable for use in anything but the coldest winter weather. To ensure comfort during sleep, it’s covered in a 20-denier soft-touch polyester, with an embossed top and a non-slip bottom that uses silicone overlays for traction.

The NEMO Flyer comes in three sizes: regular, regular wide, and long wide, so everyone should be able to find a sleeping pad that suits their physical profiles. The regular measures 72 x 20 x 2 inches (height x width x thickness) and weighs 1.44 pounds, while the regular wide measures 72 x 25 x  2 inches and weighs 1.813 pounds. The largest model, the long wide, measures 76 x 25 x 2 inches and weighs 1.825 pounds. When packed, it measures an impressive 10 x 6.5 inches (length x diameter), 12 x 6.5 inches, and 12 x 8 inches for the regular, regular wide, and long wide, respectively, which is on par with the size of many self-inflating foam pads in the market. Heck, it even packs smaller than some models we’ve seen.

All three models come with the same zero-profile, two-stage valve found in many of the outfit’s inflatable sleeping pads that allow for ultra-fast inflation and deflation, along with the option for deflation control by keeping one of the valve caps in place. It’s not self-inflating, though, so you’ll need to blow into the darn thing to fill up those channels up with air, which should be reasonably easy enough for the benefit of a comfortable sleeping surface.

The NEMO Flyer is available now.

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