Nebo Torchy 2K EDC Flashlight This compact flashlight fits in most pockets, all while letting you brighten up a space with 2,000 lumens of power.

Yes, keeping one of those bigger flashlights in the glove compartment of your car is always a good idea. It lets you keep a lighting tool within easy reach for those car emergencies you encounter while driving in the night. Plus, their durable builds make them a decent blunt weapon in a different kind of emergency. Problem is, you’re stuck having to keep such a big flashlight in the car, leaving you ill-equipped for those times you leave your vehicle parked somewhere else. For those times, you need something much smaller like the Nebo Torchy 2K.

Billed as an “EDC pocket light,” the flashlight comes in a compact size that allows it to squeeze inside your pants pocket or integrate seamlessly into an EDC pouch, making it extremely easy to stash on your person whenever you go on foot. Despite the size, it delivers powerful light, packing enough brightness that you should be able to use it to replace your car flashlight, albeit without the potential self-defense benefits.

The Nebo Torchy 2K measures just 4.3 x 1 inches (length x diameter), all while delivering a maximum brightness of 2,000 lumens, with a beam throw of up to 650 feet. Do note, it only delivers those 2,000 lumens in a brief 30-second span (a setting called Turbo mode), reverting back to the previous brightness setting after the time period. Why? Because that brightness is too much drain on the battery, all while potentially overheating the light when kept up for extended periods. For a consistent level of light, it only delivers a maximum of 500 lumens (with a throw of 295 feet), which is still bright enough to make it useful for a lighting up a dark space, whether you’re fixing pipes under the sink, working under the hood of your car at night, or trying to find a wireless earbud you lost while moving boxes in the attic. Yeah, that’s annoying.

Aside from those two settings (2,000 turbo and 500 high), it can also be set to 200 lumens, 35 lumens, and strobe mode, which delivers 1,000 lumens in an intermittent flashing emergency light. A 2,200 mAh rechargeable battery powers the whole thing, with a single charge allowing it to run for up to 3.5 hours straight at the 500-lumen setting and up to 30 hours at the lowest 35-lumen brightness.

The Nebo Torchy 2K has an enclosure cut in anodized aircraft-grade aluminum, which is rugged enough to give it both impact- and water-resistance, so you can use it without worry even in inclement weather. It has a grooved body, too, which should provide a secure grip even when it’s wet. It comes with a memory, too, allowing it to go right into the last setting you used as soon as the flashlight is turned on. There’s a detachable two-way clip that you can use to mount it on belts, pockets, and straps, allowing you to carry it securely at all times, while a magnetic charging dock allows you to power it wirelessly when not in use.

The Nebo Torchy 2K is available now.

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