Nava Design Milano Briefcase Nava Design's simple and elegant briefcase brings an essential style that will match every dapper business attire with equivalent confidence and aplomb.


If you’re going to dress business-chic, you need to have the accessories to match. Nava Design’s Milano Briefcase is certainly up to task, matching every tailored cut in your bespoke business outfit with equivalent amounts of style.

Fashioned by Naoto Fukusawa, the bag brings the designer’s signature elements of elegance and simplicity, with a minimalist silhouette that’s as all-business as the scowl on your face during a tough negotiation. Whether you’re heading to work decked in a conservative suit, playing with a slightly relaxed business outfit, or packing on every trendy menswear item you have in the closet, we have a feeling this bag’s essential styling will match everything with equal aplomb.


The Nava Milano Briefcase comes with a dedicated slot for a 15.6-inch laptop, a pouch for a 10-inch tablet, two smaller pouches that can fit one 7-inch tablet apiece, a zippered pouch for valuables, and lots of room for documents and other gear. It’s cut in top-grain Italian calf leather, with nylon lining, dual leather handles, a removable shoulder strap, and chrome-plated steel hardware. Two styles are available: black leather with gray lining and blue leather with beige interior, with the latter’s dark shade of blue looking particularly easy on the eyes. If you’ll notice, there’s absolute zero logos anywhere on the exterior of the bag – a godsend for those sick of unsightly labels ruining an erstwhile pristine accessory.


Available now, the Nava Milano Briefcase is priced at €509.