Nau Slight Shirt Designed to pack into a bundle no bigger than a pencil case, this shirt lets you keep a work-ready button-down within easy reach.


If tees and jeans are acceptable to wear in your workplace, then no one can blame you for dressing up casually every day of the week. Sometimes, though, you need to look just a little more presentable and a simple button-down tucked away in a drawer can help with that. The Nau Slight Shirt is an excellent option for that situation.

Instead of folding down like a regular shirt, this packable garment rolls up into its own pocket, which ends up as a small bundle the size of a rectangular pencil case. That makes it small enough to place inside a small pouch on your backpack, ensuring you’re ready to clean up your attire any time you need it.


The Nau Slight Shirt takes on a classic button-down profile that should pair nicely with a nice pair of selvedge or chinos. It’s cut in a textured yarn that’s soft to the touch while having an incredibly thin build, which is how it’s able to pack down into such a compact size. That same material is lightweight and wind-repellent, too, all while shrugging off water with DWR coating, ensuring you can whip it out no matter what weather conditions the spring season brings your way.  It comes in four colors.


Available now, the Nau Slight Shirt is priced at $125.

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