Native Union Cone Cable This is possibly the most elegantly-designed charging cable we've seen. So much so, it doesn't even look like a charging cable at all.


It looks like a small flashlight. Or a fancy key fob. Or some other fancy small gear that you can add to your EDC stash. What we don’t imagine it being is a charging cable. Strangely enough, that’s exactly what the Native Union Cone Cable is.

That’s right, this svelte-looking object happens to be a charging cable for iPhones and iPads, giving you an option for juicing up your mobile devices without keeping an ugly rolled-up cable somewhere in your bag. Whether you use it as a key fob, tie it to a bag loop, or secure it somewhere in your EDC pouch, this should make for a nicer, more elegant alternative to the usual USB-to-Lightning cable.


The Native Union Cone Cable actually consists of a cone-shaped enclosure that houses both USB and Lightning tips, with the middle section of the cable sticking out from the narrow end, allowing you to easily hang it on a hook, tie it on a loop, or add it to a key ring, giving you multiple convenient storage options. To use, just remove the cap on the wide end of the cone to get access to both connectors, plug in to their corresponding slots, and power that dying that smartphone.

Construction is stainless steel for the cone, ensuring there’s no chance either connector can ever get crushed throughout the course of your day, making this as protective a cable as it is good-looking. Unless, of course, you get it run over by a bulldozer or something, in which case, we doubt that’s par for the course of your regular day. The removable cap, by the way, is designed to double as a magnifying glass. Why? We’re not entirely sure. Maybe you’re old and need the magnifier to read better. Maybe you get shipwrecked in an abandoned island and need to start a fire (yes, a magnifying glass can help). Whichever the case, there’s a small magnifying glass in there for however it may serve your purposes.


Designed by British innovator Tom Dixon, the Native Union Cone Cable is billed as a premium charging cable – one that prioritizes purpose and precision over the simple utility that’s at the heart of similar products in the market. The result is a product that’s just as reliably effective as any cable out there, but could very well be unmatched when it comes to durability and elegance. Naturally, this is MFi certified, so it should work for charging any iPhone, iPad, and iPod with a Lightning slot.


Can you use the enclosure to hold small items? From what we can tell, you can. There’s enough extra space in there with just the connectors inside, so we’re guessing you can hide really small objects inside if you do need to storage space. Of course, loose objects inside will likely make a rattling sound, which, let’s be honest, does not sound fun at all, so it may be a better idea to put those small items somewhere else instead.

The Native Union Cone Cable is available now.

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