Nanobook 2.0 Pocket Notebook With a titanium cover and stone paper refills, this pocket notebook is as indestructible as notebooks can get.

We love small notebooks you can keep in your shirt or pants pockets, as they let you keep a log of all your ideas and thoughts that you can review at any future time. It’s an excellent window to your younger mind, not to mention a potential goldmine for ideas. Problem is, notebooks can damage easily with their cardboard and paper construction, which make them a little tricky to preserve. The Nanobook 2.0 changes that.

A more durable-than-usual notebook, this pocket-sized pad can shrug off water, fire, oil, and even the normal wear-and-tear of everyday use. That means, your notes can last you far longer than those on your regular Field Notes sets, making this a far more attractive option for those who want to preserve their notes for a long time.

The Nanobook 2.0 has a front and back cover made from grade 5 titanium, so the darn thing can’t be ripped, unless you’re a mech with super robot strength. It should also be easier to clean, since it’s made from metal, so you can get a big splotch of dirt off with nothing but a simple wipe down. Inside, the leaves are made using stone paper, a strong and durable paper-like material made from calcium carbonate that can be written on just like regular tree-based paper. Aside from being written on, the paper can also be folded to mark individual sections on the notebook, all while adopting characteristics not found in regular paper, such as being waterproof, oil-resistant, and tear-resistant, making them better in a whole lot of ways.

Aside from its durable properties, stone paper also has another advantage – you don’t need a pen or pencil to write on it. According to the outfit, objects like coins and keys can be used to make markings on the paper, making it doubly useful for those times your pen runs out of ink unexpectedly (we think you can write using just the ballpoint tip, even with no ink coming out).

The Nanobook 2.0 comes in two variants: MT and ST. MT measures 3 x 5 inches (width x height), which is around the same size as standard pocket notebooks, while the ST measures 2 x 3 inches (width x height), making it a great option for folks who want the smallest notebook they can carry. The leaves, by the way, come either blank or with a grid pattern, so you can choose whichever one you prefer writing on.

Since the stone paper is tear-proof, you can’t just rip off a page for leaving in the desk of someone at work, which could be an issue if you use your notebook as a Post-It pad. Luckily, the notebook is designed to easily take refills, so the coil holding the leaves can be split right down on one section, making it easy to remove a single page, apart from allowing you to add new pages into the set.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Nanobook 2.0. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at £18.

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