Naim Uniti Nova Billed as a "reference-quality all-in-one player," Naim's latest aims to be your entertainment setup's primary music source.


Naim just dropped a new line-up of all-in-one music players, allowing you to cobble together your at-home listening into one source. The Naim Uniti Nova is the reference player of the bunch, boasting the ability to transform your digital music sources into a “stunning sonic experience.”

Coming in a boxy form factor that should make a substantial presence in any media cabinet, the device houses an onboard storage capable of holding up to 20,000 tracks, providing enough room to store your lossless music collection. You can also plug in an external USB drive or an SD card for additional music sources, all of which you can either directly play back or copy to the onboard storage.


The Naim Uniti Nova comes with 80-watt Class A/B amplifiers, ensuring it can capably drive even the most demanding loudspeaker setups, while a 40-bit SHARC DSP processor oversamples any music played 16 times before feeding it to the Burr Brown digital-to-analog converter for a smoother and more precise sound. It comes with an integrated 5-inch display, as well as a bi-directional remote, although they also offer an accompanying app if you prefer controlling your tracks via a mobile device.

Since much of our listening these days come from online sources, it comes with integrated Wi-Fi, along with native support for Spotify, Tidal, AirPlay, Google Cast, and internet radio stations. Features include multi-room support, analog output support, and HDMI Arc for hooking up to your TV.

Want one? The Naim Uniti Nova is priced at £3,800.

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