Mulliner Bentley Bentayga Fly Fishing Kit Apparently, Bentley really expects Bentayga owners to take their cars on off-road trips, going so far as to offer this bespoke fly fishing kit.


Yes, the Bentayga is, technically, an SUV and SUVs are supposed to go off-road. Truth be told, though, we can’t imagine too many Bentley owners driving their vehicle through muddy and rocky trails. Just in case you’re that one outlier in the group who actually takes his luxury SUV out for catching trouts and graylings, however, Mulliner just made this Bentley Bentayga Fly Fishing Kit.

Built for gentleman anglers who prefer to do their fly fishing with as much luxury as possible, it’s a full-featured set of fly fishing carriage that’s designed to set up in the boot of the Bentayga. Whether you’re doing your angling in a lake, a river, or a man-made body of water in your own private island, this thing lets you keep your supplies in an opulent, custom-built rig.


The Mulliner Bentley Bentayga Fly Fishing Kit comes with three main cabinets: a master tackle station, a refreshment case, and a waterproof wader-stowage trunk, all of which come covered in Saddle leather trim. The first two are set up as slide-out trays for easy access, with the tackle station getting a Burr Walnut veneered drawer and the refreshment case receiving a linen leather trim.  The latter, by the way, includes a separate food storage compartment, which comes with a quilted leather top for doubling as a stool.


Because it’s going to hold your waders and boots, the wader-stowage trunk is lined with a hard-wearing neoprene material, ensuring the water doesn’t seep out into other parts of the rig. Up to four rods can be stored in leather-trimmed tubes set up on the underside of a parcel shelf, while a pair of landing nets can be kept in a carpet-trimmed hard pocket built into the side of the boot. And, yes, everything can be removed easily when you need the room for other things.

No pricing is listed, but the Mulliner Bentley Bentayga Fly Fishing Kit is available as a bespoke option for the vehicle.