MSR Guardian Gravity Purifier MSR's new gravity purifier lets you keep 10 liters of water on tap, ready to be ran through a military-grade NSF P248 filter.

Bringing a water-purifying bottle during camping is great for getting yourself clean water on the fly. Problem is, it doesn’t really help the rest of your group. If you’re enjoying the outdoors with friends and family, it’s probably better to have something like the MSR Guardian Gravity Purifier.

A large bag with an integrated hose filter, it lets you grab a generous supply of water that you can keep at camp and filter on the fly, giving everyone in your group a convenient source for potable water. Whether you need a quick drink after long hike, some water to fill a pot for your morning coffee, or some water for the vegetable stew you’re cooking for dinner, this thing gives you clean water on tap they can draw from at any time.

The MSR Guardian Gravity Purifier consists of a 10-liter bag that’s hooked up to a hose with a filter. To use, you fill the bag with water, hang it somewhere in camp (they recommend at least six feet above ground), and draw water as you need. The filter is connected by a hose line to the mouth of the bag, with two hose lines on the opposite end, the clear one for drawing clean water and the black one that serves as a purge hose. Both hoses are fitted with a clip that starts and stops the flow of water easily.

To get water, you simply take the clear hose and loosen the clip, then let the water flow into your bottle, jug, or pot, with an included bottle adapter allowing you to fit it flush across different brands of water bottles. According to the outfit, it will let you draw a liter of clean water in around two minutes, which, the outfit claims, is the fastest among similar products in the market. Since this is a “gravity filter,” the height you hang the bag in will determine how fast the water can actually flow (hence, the need to hang six feet or more), so the higher the bag is situated, the more water you should be able to get in less time.

The MSR Guardian Gravity Purifier is rate to NSF P248 protocols for water filtration, which is the standard adopted by the US military for the gear their forces use in the field. That means, this should deliver state-of-the-art water purification fit for cleaning “worst case” water you’ll find in the outdoors, with the outfit claiming it removes 99.99 percent of viruses, 99.9999 percent of bacteria, 99.9 percent of protozoa, sediment, and microplastics, while reducing chemicals, unpleasant tastes, and odors. To clean the filter, you can simply unclip the purge hose and let the water from the bag wash through it, so there’s no need to backflush for cleaning, making it very convenient.

Seriously, the only thing difficult about this is carrying the darn thing once it’s filled with water and hanging it at a decent height. Once you’re able to do that, it offers one of the best ways to enjoy a supply of water at camp. According to the outfit, the filter can last for up to 3,000 liters before needing a replacement.

The MSR Guardian Gravity Purifier is available now, priced at $249.95.

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