Mountain Standard Mountain Flannel Styled and equipped for roughing it up in the backcountry, Mountain Standard's new shirt is the perfect garment for your alpine adventures.


Some flannels look perfectly at home in the city, making them ideal for everyday wear during autumn. Mountain Standard’s Mountain Flannel isn’t one of those. Instead, this garment is built and styled for roughing it up in the backcountry, whether you’re hiking, hunting, or searching the woods for evidence of Bigfoot’s existence.

A rugged flannel, there’s nothing city-bound about this badass shirt, from the relaxed fit to the durable build to the earthy colors. Sure, you can wear it to the club, the restaurant, or anywhere else around town, so long as you don’t mind looking like a lumberjack who just came off a long day cutting down trees, chopping logs, and loading everything on a truck.


The Mountain Standard Mountain Flannel is made from 100 percent cotton brushed flannel, so it should wear comfortably and feel soft to the touch. It’s built tough, too, so you can engage in rough activities without worries about your shirt taking damage, complete with steel buttons that won’t break no matter what you end up banging against throughout your adventures.


Long sleeves with button closures on the cuffs ensure you can close it to keep the chilly mountain air out, while a pair of chest pockets with button closures serve as handy places to store small gear securely. It comes in two colors: red and green.

Available now, the Mountain Standard Mountain Flannel is priced at $59.

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