Mountain Standard Lightweight Pullover Hoodie Designed for high-elevation lifestyles, this hoodie combines a lightweight yet thermal build with a pattern that lets you stay active all day.


Like many, you probably have enough hoodies to last you the spring months. If you’re looking forward to spending those months adventuring in the backcountry and roughing it up in the mountains, an elevated technical version might be a more appropriate attire. That’s what you get with the Mountain Standard Lightweight Pullover Hoodie.

Made for the high-elevation lifestyle of the Rockies, the garment is designed to support intense activities, while shielding you from the chilly temperatures of the season. It looks good enough to wear on its own on not-so-cold days, while layering nicely when the mercury falls just a little too far for comfort.


The Mountain Standard Lightweight Pullover Hoodie is cut in 100 percent polyester, with a patterned brushed fleece face and a lightweight yet thermal build. It’s also highly breathable, so you won’t be sweating a bucket when hiking, skiing, or enjoying what the mountains have to offer. A high neck provides plenty of warmth and comfort, while a fitted hood ensures it stays and provides the necessary protection the whole time you need it. Do note, it’s sized a bit large to accommodate layers underneath, so if you prefer tight-fitting hoodies, you might want to get it at one size down.


Available in black and navy, the Mountain Standard Lightweight Pullover Hoodie is priced at $59.

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