MostFit Core Hammer Get the benefits of sledgehammer workouts without the danger of swinging a blunt object around with this clever workout equipment.


Sledgehammer workouts are great for serious conditioning, engaging all of your body’s muscles while challenging your cardiovascular system. Problem is, you’ll have to do it outdoors, since smashing a tire with a sledgehammer inside your house is likely to result in undesirable consequences. Not the case if you use the MostFit Core Hammer.

Instead of hitting a tire with an actual sledgehammer, it lets you replicate the exercise using just a single equipment. Even better, you can do it by smashing your apartment’s hardwood floors over and over (maybe smash a rug on top of the floor, to be safe), allowing you to perform sledgehammer exercises without leaving your room.


The MostFit Core Hammer actually consists of a long handle similar to those on sledgehammers. Instead of a hammerhead at the tip, though, it comes with a weighted rubber ball that bounces as it runs into any surface. Not only is it more practical, it’s also safer, eliminating the risk of accidentally hitting something (or someone… or yourself) with a blunt object. It works with most any exercise you can do using a traditional sledgehammer and tire pairing, complete with the same benefits, so you can get some serious conditioning with nothing but this thing and a private corner of your house.

Oh yeah, since the rubber is integrated into the head, you aren’t restricted to using this for smashing floors. As such, you can smash it on walls, trees, or any other surface, allowing you to change up your sledgehammer workouts like never before. It comes in two sizes: 8 and 12 pounds.

Available now, pricing for the MostFit Core Hammer starts at $199.95.