Moore & Giles Parker Luggage Styled to resemble 18th century steamer trunks, Moore & Giles' first ever luggage product lets you travel with a pseudo-vintage flair.


Yes, traveling with a steamer trunk does look pretty cool. Unless you have assistants carrying your trunks for you, however, it’s also probably very inconvenient. Yeah, definitely a bad idea, so why not travel with normal luggage that’s styled like steamer trunks instead? That’s exactly what you get with the Moore & Giles Parker.

That’s right, it’s a modern luggage that borrows styling cues from those vintage trunks people brought with them during long trips. That way, you can travel 18th century style while enjoying 21st century convenience, adding an entirely fresh option to your roster of traveling gear.


The Moore & Giles Parker is a rolling luggage that, basically, takes an erstwhile standard design, but dresses it up in steamer trunk details, like decorative straps that cover the entire front and back widths of the bag. While that sounds tacky, the results are actually impressive, giving the luggage a more polished yet timeless flair. It’s made from full grain aniline leather, whose natural color and inevitable patina should make the trunk-like aesthetic stand out even more.


Features include a two-position telescoping handle,four swiveling casters, an oversized zippered pocket on the exterior, an external ticket pocket, a heavy-duty brass zipper for the main compartment, two individually-zippered external partitions, and four additional zippered pockets inside. Measuring 22 x 14 x 9 inches, it should squeak through most airline’s size requirements for carry-on luggage.

Available now, the Moore & Giles Parker is priced at $1,595.