Mohinder City Slippers We love flip-flops as much the next guy, but if you're looking for more refined slip-ons for the summer, try Mohinder's woven leather urban slippers.


Flip-flops are awesome for wearing in the summer. Unless, of course, you have the most mangled-looking feet, at which point, wearing Havainas while lounging around the beach will probably make the most horrible first impression. Yeah, wear something else instead. My vote goes to Mohinder’s gorgeous-looking City Slippers.

A ready-for-summer slip-on, it’s a pair of slippers as relaxed as the laziest summer afternoons, all while adequately covering your misshapen toes and uncut toenails (with dirt possibly caked inside them). While it looks perfect for the resort hotel you’re staying at in that vacation you’re planning to go to in July, it’s also stylish enough to look good while visiting ice cream parlors and iced coffee stalls when you find yourself stuck in the city.


The Mohinder City Slippers are made from strands of vegetable-tanned water buffalo leather that’s woven into a well-ventilated footwear to keep your feet cool throughout the hottest days. That leather upper is fused to natural crepe rubber soles, providing the wearer with flexible support, while a cushioned footbed delivers comfort even through all-day walks. It’s actually patterned after a classic Indian shoe style, albeit with slight changes for enhanced aesthetics, durability, and comfort. Each one, by the way, is meticulously hand-made by artisans from a shoe-making cooperative in Karnataka, India.


Available now, the Mohinder City Slippers are priced at $145.