Mission Workshop x Tracksmith Run Commute Pack This weatherproof backpack lets you run, hike, or ride your bike without your gear moving around behind your back.

Tracksmith produces some of the finest technical apparel for casual runners. Mission Workshop makes some of the best weatherproof bags in the market. So when the former wanted to add a backpack to their line of activewear essentials, it only made sense to team up with the latter. That collaboration comes in the form of the Mission Workshop x Tracksmith Run Commute Pack.

Like other pieces in the Run Commute line, the backpack is designed for a group of folks Tracksmith calls the “running class,” non-professional athletes that still dedicate a good chunk of their time and attention to running. As such, it’s a backpack you can use to carry your stuff, whether you’re getting your morning run on the way to work, riding your bike to the beach, or hiking to meet up with friends for a picnic in the woods.

The MW x Tracksmith Run Commute Pack is a roll-top backpack with a narrow profile, so it stays stashed behind your torso at all times (no peeking out on the sides), which can affect your aerodynamics while running or cycling. Adjustable shoulder straps allow it to fit perfectly with individuals of any height, while a sternum strap ensures those shoulder straps stay in the same place at all times. It even comes with a waist strap to hold the bag flush to your back and keep it from moving around, complete with multiple attachment points for the strap to tailor the fit to your liking. Basically, you can run, cycle, hike, and do all sorts of active things with this bag in tow without having the darn thing weigh you down.

It has an 18-liter main compartment with built-in compartments for keeping your gear neatly organized, along with a detachable laptop sleeve, two expandable side pockets sized to hold water bottles, and a zippered exterior pocket. According to the outfit, the main compartment is compatible with most hydration reservoirs up to three liters. Construction is 500D Cordura, so this is one hardwearing bag, while a waterproof nylon liner keeps everything dry, so you can stay on your path even when the weather can take a sudden turn for the worse. Like any proper bag for running or cycling, it has a large reflective stripe in the front to keep you visible to vehicles when you’re on the road.

The MW x Tracksmith Run Commute Pack comes with a frame sheet to help retain structure at all times, regardless of how much gear it’s holding, while a breathable perforated back panel should help your back cool to minimize sweating (yes, just minimize, since we doubt it’s possible to keep from sweating when you’re engaged in vigorous exercise). Dimensions are 20 x 10 x 6 inches (height x width x depth), so you can use this to pack a good load of stuff, whether for work, gym, or a day of hanging out at the beach.

The MW x Tracksmith Run Commute Pack is available now, priced at $238.

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