Mission Workshop Eiger WX Field Jacket Mission Workshop's new jacket combines the classic M65 cut with a vintage-style waxed canvas construction, giving it a heritage style that's all its own.


Mission Workshop’s rainy day jacket combines the classic M65 silhouette with a vintage-style waxed canvas construction, giving it a refined character that will suit you, whether you’re

Chances are, you’ll easily recognize the styling on Mission Workshop’s Eiger WX Field Jacket – it’s based on the popular M65 parka that has found its way onto many modern jackets, after all. With its vintage-looking waxed canvas construction, however, it earns an entirely different air, almost feeling like a heritage jacket that’s been passed down a generation.


Sourced from 158-year old fabric maker, Halley Stevensons, the waxed canvas is the same material that has outfitted countless numbers of fishermen along the coast of Scotland for over a century, making it a truly special fabric with a character all its own. Whether you’re an actual fisherman sailing out through rough seas or a city dude who just wants a good-looking garment for wet weather, this thing should have you covered every rainy day of the year.

The Mission Workshop Eiger WX pairs that waxed canvas with a quick-drying nylon liner, custom YKK weatherproof zippers, and Italian Riri snaps for a truly weatherized build. It comes with a three-point adjustable hood with an anatomical construction for an excellent fit, along with an integrated visor to keep rain from interfering with your line of sight. Features include six generously-sized outer pockets, two interior pockets with media ports, and three earthy colors (black, tan, and dark olive).


Slated to ship February 10, the Mission Workshop Eiger WX is priced at $685.

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