Ministry of Supply Gemini Chino These pants combine the classic style of the American wardrobe staple with technical improvements that enable unimpeded movement.


Sometimes, good-looking clothes aren’t enough. You want them to feel like a second skin, too. Ministry of Supply is a big proponent of the same idea, using a research-based approach to their garments that enable a full range of motions. If you want a pair of beautifully-fitted casual pants that won’t restrict your steps and strides, the outfit’s new Gemini Chinos just may be what your legs are wanting after.

Basically, it’s a performance chino. I just made up that term, but, hey, it fits. Designed to look like a classic chino while enabling movement and regulating body temperature, it’s really a suitable moniker. Not that it matters, of course.


The Gemini Chino enables better movement by using a two-way stretch fabric that can bend and twist without making you feel restricted, which also integrates “NASA-engineered phase change material” (I’m sure what that means is much simpler than it sounds) to help regulate body temperature, regardless of prevailing weather conditions. It comes in both slim and straight fits to suit different personal styles, with a single long inseam length (they’ll gladly reimburse any hemming expenses, by the way – just send them the receipt).

Since the fabric can wick sweat and breathe throughout the day, they should be good for long hours of wear. The pants don’t require any ironing, either, with any wrinkles certain to disappear as you wear it for a few minutes. Two colors are available: khaki and cadet green.

Now available for preorder with an October 25 ship date, the Gemini Chino is priced at $138.