Ministry of Supply 3D Jacket This formal jacket ditches the wool in favor of a 4-way stretch fabric, giving it a freedom of movement that stiff business jackets don’t typically offer.


It doesn’t quite look exactly the same as a typical wool suit, but the Ministry of Supply LABS 3D Jacket does it well enough that you may be able to get away swapping it in for the regular jacket in your business attire. Why would you want to do that? For comfort, since this thing offers the kind of unrestricted movement that stiff business jackets don’t typically offer.

If you’re familiar with Ministry of Supply, then you already know that they make their own technical fabrics for all their products, allowing them to offer unique garments that exhibit atypical characteristics. In this case, a suit jacket that’s unusually stretchy, making it ideal for dressing dapper while staying highly active.


The Ministry of Supply LABS 3D Jacket has a soft, stretchy structure with a foam-like feel that molds to the body while enabling a full range of movements. It achieves that by using a four-way stretch fabric that also boasts moisture-wicking, odor-absorbing, and light insulating properties, making it ideal for use throughout the year. We haven’t seen how it looks yet paired with a regular set of formal trousers, but the cut of the suit and the look of the fabric suggests it might actually work. Plus, the lack of stiffness should make it suited to wearing in more casual settings.


Available now, the Ministry of Supply LABS 3D Jacket is priced at $448.

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