MiniFab Pocket Beard Multi-Tool Designed to tame your unruly facial growth, this pocket-sized multi-tool bundles a few essentials to groom your beard throughout the day.


Some people carry multi-tools so they’re ready during emergencies. Others just like being prepared to have a suitable tool for the various things they run into throughout the day. If you take pride in your beard, why not carry a multi-tool that helps you groom it to its finest appearance? That’s exactly what you get with MiniFab’s Pocket Beard Multi-Tool.

Styled like traditional Swiss Army-style multi-tools, it comes with a fold-out design that lets you deploy the exact grooming tool you need at any one time. That way, any time you beard gets a little too gruffy for comfort, just pull this thing out of your pocket and start cleaning up your facial bush.


The MiniFab Pocket Beard Multi-Tool comes with three tools: a wide tooth comb, a fine tooth comb, and a wooden knife. The first two, of course, are for styling your facial growth so it looks well-cared for, while the knife is for scooping out a dollop of beard balm, so you can avoid getting that icky stuff under your fingernails. All tools are cut in five-ply alternating bamboo layers, by the way, so these should hold up to even the gnarliest beards, with the scales cut in your choice of paduak, maple, walnut, or bamboo. It measures 4 inches with all tools folded.


Available now, the MiniFab Pocket Beard Multi-Tool is priced at $33.

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