Mini Wipebook Pro Wipebook's reusable dry-erase notebooks finally get a professional-looking version, making it look just as dignified to carry as you favorite Moleskine.


If you’re familiar with Wipebook, then you know they manufacture notebooks with dry-erase leaves, making them infinitely reusable unlike your typical Moleskines and Field Notes. Only thing is, their notebooks look like the kind schoolchildren will bring to elementary school, rather than the type a professional will carry in his briefcase. That changes with the Mini Wipebook Pro.

A professional-looking version of the dry-erase notebook, it comes with tanned faux-leather front and back covers along with a brass binding, making them just as dignified to bring as your favorite Moleskine during meetings and brainstorming sessions. Even better, you can erase mistakes permanently (instead of covering them up with more ink) the same way you do when typing in a word processor, giving you a cleaner way to take notes and jot down ideas.


The Mini Wipebook Pro is an A5-sized notebook with wire-O binding for laying down flat on a desk. It uses the same patented hypergloss film technology as the original Wipebooks, which allow you to erase anything written down with the same ease you clean up a dry-erase board. Since the leaves are thicker than regular paper, each notebook only comes with 20 ruled pages, so you may want to stock up on a few in case you need to keep a few notes active. If you prefer something bigger, by the way, they also offer a non-mini A4-sized version of the Pro.


Available now, the Mini Wipebook Pro is priced at $39.99.