Milwaukee Packout Deep Organizer Milwaukee's newest organizer case is taller than the rest of their offerings, allowing it accommodate large tools and fittings.

The Milwaukee Packout line offers some of the most comprehensive systems for tool storage and transport, offering a variety of modules that let you customize your setup any way you like. Those modules include four different organizer cases of varying sizes and layouts. This time around, they’re adding a fifth one in the form of the Milwaukee Packout Deep Organizer.

Why another organizer container? Apparently, the old ones, all four of them, came in a slim profile that made them excellent for storing small tools and parts, but weren’t quite big enough for those times you needed to stash bigger loads. This new case offers a bigger option for those moments.

The Milwaukee Packout Deep Organizer measures 19.7 x 15.2 x 7 inches (width x depth x height), so it should stack flush with other storage cases in the Packout line, all while offering more vertical room inside the main compartment compared to their existing organizer boxes. The main compartment is divided into two fixed sections, one large and one small, with six detachable dividers that you can use to further partition each of those sections into four compartments each. This way, you can take out dividers to hold larger tools and supplies, such as power tools and pipe fittings, as well as put them in when you need to stash smaller stuff, giving it more versatile storage function.

It has a weight capacity of 50 pounds, so you can use it to hold everything from heavy tools and steel fittings to tons upon tons of small parts. With its size and weight capacity, the case should make for a really great toolbox, while the modular connectivity with other Packout cases make it viable as an all-around useful tool for transporting a whole load of supplies.

The Milwaukee Packout Deep Organizer has a transparent lid that makes it easy to see exactly what’s inside with a quick glance, which should save you time flipping through each box when you have multiple cases filled with supplies on hand. A pair of heavy-duty latches will keep the lid in place the whole time, too, so the contents won’t end up moving into separate compartments or falling out during transport. Suffice to say, it should secure your stash, whether in the workshop, the job site, or on the road. As with other organizer cases in the Packout line, there’s a fold-out handle that you can use to carry it by hand or hang it from a hook.

Being made for use in work environments, the case is built for rugged function. Construction is impact-resistant polymer that should allow it to withstand the harsh conditions and general roughhousing it’s bound to encounter in the job site, while an IP65-rated weather seal should keep water out of the main compartment, ensuring any tools, accessories, and parts you keep inside will stay dry the whole time. Even the hinge is reinforced, by the way, so you don’t have to tread lightly when using it at work.

The Milwaukee Packout Deep Organizer comes out October 6th, priced at $65.

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