Milwaukee Packout Crate This reinforced milk crate can hold 50 pounds of gear, all while integrating with any containers and accessories in the outfit's modular line.


It looks like an ordinary crate. You know, an open container that you can use as a dump-all whenever you’re getting work done in the garage, workshop, or garden. Except, the Milwaukee Packout Crate is a part of the outfit’s outstanding modular range, which lets it easily integrate with other products in the line to serve a wider range of functions.

We know, there’s nothing exciting about a crate. If you’ve been looking at picking up some milk crates for storage, though, we imagine the sturdier construction, higher load capacity, and modular capability of this burly crate would make it a more interesting option. Whether you’re looking to clean up the garden for some summer planting, work on that motorcycle you’ve been trying to fix up the last six months, or finish that cabinet you’ve putting together for mounting in the kitchen wall.


The Milwaukee Packout Crate is a milk crate-style open container, albeit with solid impact-resistant polymer walls and a sturdy build that should be considerably more hardwearing than the traditional open-top container, allowing it to shrug off the harshest conditions on the job site. Seriously, this thing will be absolutely overkill if you use it to carry milk crates. With its reinforced construction, the crate can carry loads of up to 50 pounds, allowing you to fill it with heavy tools, supplies, and parts of all sorts. Dimensions are 16 x 13 x 9 inches, with 1872 cubic inches of storage capacity, which should give it enough room to accommodate large items like power tools and engine parts.


Carry handles on the sides make it easy to move the crate to any location, while generously-sized, grooved grips ensure a stable hold, no matter the working conditions. Weep holes at the base allow water to easily fall through, ensuring there’s no chance of any water, which could damage your tools, collecting inside. Those same holes, by the way, are small enough that there’s no risk of having small parts fall out of the box, so you don’t have to worry about bolts, screws, or fasteners falling off.


The Milwaukee Packout Crate has attachment points on both top and bottom that let you stack the crates in a stable manner, allowing you put a pile of these things on a hand truck without any of the crates slipping off. Since these are compatible with all of the other 18 components in the Packout line, you can also integrate it with any of the modular components. You can, for instance, stack it along with the boxes and cases, as well as snap on an organizer lid to turn the crate into a proper box. Prop it up on the Packout dolly to give it wheels for easy mobility, while rear hanging cleats allow it to mount flush on the line’s vertical mounting plate. Suffice to say, those modular components greatly expand the ways you can use this erstwhile simple container.

The Milwaukee Packout Crate is available now, priced at $39.99.

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