MetMo Grip This unique wrench copies its design from an expired 1920s-era patent, allowing you to add a stylish-looking hand tool to your toolbox.

What the heck is that? That’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see the MetMo Grip. It’s not exactly a common tool design after all. Familiarize yourself enough and you’ll realize it’s a unique wrench that will not just turn various sizes of nuts and bolts, but do a few other things adjustable wrenches just aren’t capable of doing.

No, it’s not an entirely new design. Instead, this is actually an old wrench design from an expired patent originally filed in 1927. From what we can tell, the old design never saw actual production, with other designs eventually emerging and evolving into the adjustable wrench we see today. Apparently, a group of folks out there found this design and decided it was too good to forever spend its days in obscurity.

The MetMo Grip is a hand tool with a locking clamp on top that you can use to grip nuts, bolts, and pipes, with a six-sided groove on the inside of the jaw that allows it to hold standards quarter-inch driver bits, so you can even drive screws without bothering to take out the screwdriver from the toolbox. A precision-machined helix shaft in the center allows you to open and close the jaws by simply moving the slider along the handle, which automatically snaps in place in one of the dozen or so grooves to lock the jaws in place. The outfit claims this should make it a lot more convenient to use than a traditional monkey wrench, saving you from having to tediously turn the screw over and over to get to your desired width.

The jaws can open anywhere from 0.5 mm to 22 mm, so this should handle plenty of wrenching, gripping, and clamping jobs around the house, making it a useful tool to add to anyone’s DIY toolbox. When the jaws are closed, by the way, they create a flat face on the head, which you can also use to hammer nails in place.

The MetMo Grip also gets a bottle opener on the back of the upper jaw and a pry edge on the lower jaw for slicing through packing tape, as well as a loop on the bottom end for hanging onto hooks on the Omniwall in your workshop or garage. The whole thing is machined from stainless steel (1020 carbon steel for the shaft and 316 stainless steel for everything else), so this should bear enough strength and weight to handle any tough task it encounters, whether you’re loosening a bolt, hammering a nail, or holding a pipe in place to saw it to your liking. Dimensions are 7.2 x 2.4 inches (length x head width), so this is a tool you can easily operate with one hand, with a weight of 10.58 ounces that, the outfit claims, should feel very satisfying in hand.

Is this a tool that can perform a function you don’t currently have in your toolbox? Probably not. If you appreciate unique tools that do things a little differently, though, we imagine the novelty will be enough to make you appreciate it.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the MetMo Grip. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $130.

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