MeFOTO Air Tripods MeFOTO's brightly-colored tripods get even more colorful, all while getting a redesign that makes them way lighter than before.


We’re big fans of MeFOTO’s line of tripods, with their colorful finishes, durable construction, and versatile function. Four years after the initial launch, they’ve revamped the entire line with the MeFOTO Air Tripods, a lightweight version of the original collection.

Like the previous line, the new tripods come in plenty of bright colors, making them particularly distinctive in a sea of black and silver camera accessories. Instead of using the colors as accents like the previous collection, though, these new models are covered entirely in the bright finishes, bringing just an extra hint of fun to your photographing adventures.


The MeFOTO Air Tripods come in three models: Backpacker, RoadTrip, and GlobeTrotter. The Backpacker reaches heights of up to 60 inches, supports weights of up to 8.8 pounds, and weighs just 1.98 pounds, while the RoadTrip goes up to 61 inches, supports up to 13.2 pounds, and weighs 2.5 pounds. The GlobeTrotter, on the other hand, reaches up to 68 inches, supports rigs up to 17.6 pounds, and weighs just a smidgen over three pounds. Each one includes a quick-release plate with stopping screws and a ball head with integrated level and reversible center column, along with backward-folding legs to enable compact storage.


Unlike other tripods, it doesn’t use a lever lock or a twist-lock system for extending the leg height, relying instead on an original mechanism called HyperLock that lets you open, extend, and lock the legs in one move. Simply put, this makes on-the-fly height adjustments unlike anything you’ve ever tried.

Pricing for the MeFOTO Air Tripods start at $125.

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