Mavericks Face Kit Designed to simplify your facial skincare regimen, this kit lets you clean, nourish, and protect your mug in just a couple of minutes per day.


We love how much options men now have when it comes to skincare. Problem is, we just can’t be bothered to take that much time to figure all that stuff out. As such, we appreciate when someone can simplify things for us. That’s exactly what they’re trying to do with the Mavericks Face Kit, a three-product bundle that supplies you with a complete daily skincare regimen.

Billed as “total face care in a box,” the kit claims to get your skincare needs in order for just one minute (not true) and one dollar (probably true) per day. The process is simple. In the morning, rinse your face with warm water and apply the bottle labeled Protect. At night, use the Wash to clean your face, then pat it dry and apply Rebuild for proper overnight supplementation. That’s it.


The Mavericks Face Kit comes with three bottles: Protect, Wash, and Rebuild. Protect is billed as a sports drink for your skin, bundling SPF 30 (to shield off UV rays), hyaluronic acid (to retain water on your skin), and antioxidants (vitamin E and squalene). Wash, on the other hand, is a cleanser with a triple blend of naturally-derived alpha-hydroxy acids (to regulate natural exfoliation) and minty essential oils (to provide anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory protection), while Rebuild feeds your skin with retinol (to supercharge skin cell production) and ginseng (to detoxify your face). They recommend using no more than one to two pumps per day per bottle, by the way, so a single kit should last around three months.


Available now, the Mavericks Face Kit is priced at $89.

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