Matthew Hilton MH01 Watch The Matthew Hilton MH01 is made from a single piece of 316 marine-grade stainless steel, with a minimal style described as “sophisticated simplicity.”


When a furniture designer decides to fashion a watch, will it look like a chair, a bed, or a cabinet? Fortunately, the Matthew Hilton MH01 looks like none of the above, instead embracing a beautiful appearance that basks in “sophisticated simplicity.”

Created by the same man behind the famed Balzac Armchair, the design is described as “paired back and deceptively simple.” We can’t disagree. We also can’t resist admiring the stylish result of its simple lines and uncluttered dial, turning up a timepiece that’s versatile enough to go with practically any wardrobe in your closet.


Both the watch case and the dial of the Matthew Hilton MH01 are made from a single piece of 316 marine-grade stainless steel, creating a beautifully-crafted, solid appearance that imparts a unified feel. Underneath the dial sits a battery-powered Swiss-made quartz movement, with the similarly Swiss-made hands serving as the only contrasting colors on the face. A hardened mineral crystal glass tops it off. Unlike most watches, the hand-stitched leather strap doesn’t screw into lugs, instead passing through the single-piece watch case body, allowing it to be kept in one piece, too. The Bill Amberg strap, by the way, is custom-made in London using vegetable-tanned leather and comes in three colors (black, brown, or tan).


Only 50 examples of the Matthew Hilton MH01 will be made, each one etched with a unique serial number on the side. Price is $1379.