Matrix Cycle ICR50 Matrix's new stationary bike combines a narrow Q-factor for ideal ergonomics with a compact size and connected operation.

There’s good reason why stationary bikes have remained the most popular equipment for home workouts. They’re smaller than treadmills, require no additional space for training, and they’re widely supported among the different fitness apps. If you’re looking for one that’s compact and connected, you’ll want to check out the Matrix Cycle ICR50.

Designed to bring the “studio cycling experience at home,” it’s an erstwhile standard exercise bike that you can use to get your spin training at home, just like the countless models of stationary bikes out there. Except… you know… this one’s connected, allowing you to use it with your favorite fitness apps, whether for tracking your performance, attending live classes, or training with on-demand video workouts.

The Matrix Cycle ICR50 is an ergonomic exercise bike with a narrow Q-factor, which, the outfit claims, will optimize the position of the hips, knees, and feet for more comfortable and effective workouts. It has adjustable seat and handlebars that make it easy to find your ideal riding position, regardless of your size, while dual-sided pedals allow you to use it with cleated cycling shoes on one side and regular sneakers on the other, with an adjustable cage securing your foot on the pedal for the latter.

A lubrication-free magnetic resistance system allows you to switch to one of the 11 levels at the simple adjustment of a lever, with the lack of moving parts enabling a smooth and precise change compared to traditional flywheel-based resistance systems. It’s quiet, too, so you won’t be creating any kind of ruckus at home even while going through the most grueling workouts. All critical components are tucked away in the rear aluminum flywheel, by the way, ensuring it’s completely shielded from sweat to reduce the need for maintenance and extend the equipment’s lifespan.

The Matrix Cycle ICR50 can be ordered with a 22-inch non-touchscreen 1080p display mounted out front, where you can stream workout videos and live classes (or binge your favorite shows), while a phone mount allows you to keep your phone near the screen, so you can interact with your fitness software. There’s also integrated speakers, so you don’t have to plug in headphones to hear instructions, play music, or stream the NBA playoffs while you’re training. If you’re not interested in live classes or on-demand workouts, you can instead get it with an LCD display that shows riding stats in real-time. Alternatively, you can order it with no additional screen at all, in case you just want to use your phone as a display every time you do a workout.

The bike itself has onboard Bluetooth, so you can pair it with your phone for transmitting riding data to any cycling app you’re using. The optional 22-inch display has no wireless connectivity, though, so you’ll have to plug it to your phone via an HDMI cable in order to see everything on the big screen. Whether you order it with a large screen, an LCD console, or no screen at all, the bike comes with one year of iFit family membership included.

The Matrix Cycle ICR50 is available now, priced starting at $1,499.

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