Matador Lens Base Layer Designed to let you keep a backup camera lens within easy reach, this padded lens bag can buckle down onto any belt, bag, or harness.


We’re big fans of Matador’s Camera Base Layer, which gives your DSLR its own jacket when you’re taking photographs out in the world. Problem is, while your camera now comes decked in a protective blanket for chilling within easy reach, your backup lenses remain restricted to their usual storage compartments. The Matador Lens Base Layer changes that.

Basically, it’s the same as their Camera Base Layer, except with a size that’s more appropriate for carrying lenses. Whether you’re carrying a macro, a telephoto, or an ultra-wide angle as a backup lens for the day’s shooting adventures, this thing lets you keep it in its own jacket-like bag for easy access without having to take off the backpack.


The Matador Lens Base Layer comes with a rolltop-style closure, so it can be folded down for shorter lenses and stretched to full-length for longer ones. It should fit most any DSLR and micro-4/3 lenses (save for unusually large ones), which it protects with 600-plus fill power down padding, water-resistant ripstop nylon shell, and soft shell bottom padding, while a waterproof liner with sealed seams provide further protection against wet environments.


Since you’ll already have the camera hanging from a lanyard around your neck, the bag is designed to be buckled down onto bags, belts, and harnesses, making it easy to carry in the open while you’re on the move. It comes in a dark shade that matches the camera version’s colorways.

Available now, the Matador Lens Base Layer is priced at $39.99.