Matador Laptop Base Layer This laptop sleeve has padded walls and a seam-sealed dry bag liner to protect your productivity machine from any hazard that can come its way.

Yes, you can just slip your laptop straight into the padded compartment on your backpack or briefcase. If you want to make sure it’s doubly protected, though, you’ll want to use a sleeve before squeezing it in there. In case you want to shield it from every imaginable hazard, skip the sleeve and use the Matador Laptop Base Layer instead.

That’s right, it’s a base layer for your laptop, so you can stash it in the padded compartment of your backpack fully suited with a worthy layer of protection. Just like the typical base layers you put on during the cold days of the year, it’s meant to serve as a second skin, providing the last line of defense against whatever dangers lurk in the wild against your trusted productivity device.

The Matador Laptop Base Layer is much more than a typical sleeve. Instead, it looks like a standalone bag, with its own carry handle and a flap closure, allowing you to carry it all on its own if you don’t plan on taking a backpack along. And yes, it is highly protective, with foam-padded exterior walls that will absorb bumps and scratches, sparing your expensive computer from their wrath, as well as an integrated dry bag liner that ensures no amount of moisture can ever get in even when you find yourself trapped in inclement weather. The dry bag, by the way, has long dimensions, so you can fold the top for easy access or roll it multiple times for even tougher waterproofing.

It can accommodate any laptop up to 16 inches, so you should be able to use it with all but the biggest gaming notebooks, complete with an expandable zippered pocket on the exterior which can accommodate a mouse, a charger, and other accessories. Do note, storing your laptop in this will add some size and bulk (not significantly, but enough to make a difference), so you’ll want to make sure your backpack’s laptop compartment actually has the room to accommodate it.

The Matador Laptop Base Layer has a lid with a hook-and-loop closure that ensures secure transport for your device, whether it sits inside your backpack or carried by hand on its own. Once you’ve loosened the closure and opened the flap, you immediately get access to the dry bag liner, so you just open that and take out your laptop. We know, that seems a fair bit more fuss, especially when your laptop is inside a backpack, but would you rather your work machine be duly protected or susceptible to the hazards of the road.

Construction is 420D nylon with UTS coating and DWR coating, sewn up using equally tough 210D bonded nylon thread with bar tacks providing reinforcement at stress points.  So yeah, this thing will not tear, puncture, or be penetrated by water, unless subjected to the most extreme conditions. Dimensions are 13.2 x 10.2 x 0.15 inches (height x width x thickness), with a weight of 5.3 ounces.

The Matador Laptop Base Layer is available now, priced at $59.99.

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