Matador Beast28 Packable Backpack Remember when packable backpacks were flimsy rucksacks that only made sense for emergency use? That's not the case with this one.


We were pretty stoked when we first saw Matador’s packable backpack, which lets you cram a well-appointed backpack in an erstwhile compact pouch. This time around, they impress us with an even bigger pack in the Matador Beast28, a full-on adventure pack that’s suitably-equipped for hikes and other outdoor activities.

When collapsed, the bag looks like nothing more than a light blanket crammed inside a compression pouch, allowing it to hang on a larger pack, squeeze into luggage, or stash in your car’s glove compartment. Once unpacked, though, it turns into an impressive-looking hiking pack that’s downright ready for adventure.


The Matador Beast28 has a main compartment with 28 liters of space, making it suitable for day hikes and overnight adventures. It’s made from PU-coated nylon for water-resistance, with Nifco hardware to ensure durable performance. Unlike the basic shoulder straps that come on most packable backpacks, this one boasts a pair of breathable wide-profile straps, a sternum strap, and a hip belt, complete with lumbar padding for comfortable use all day.


Aside from the main compartment, it comes with an external stash pocket, a lid pocket, dual side pockets, a hydration pouch, a bottom pocket for the compression pouch, two gear loops, and daisy-chain loops for extra pockets. Other features include compression straps to stabilize the load, a front access zipper for the main compartment, and Nifco anchors for external gear straps.

Available now, the Matador Beast28 is priced at $109.99.

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