Marshall Acton Oxblood A limited edition alternative to the humdrum black and white colors they offer, Marshall's oxblood-finished speakers look positively precious.


There are many beautifully-designed Bluetooth speakers out there that will look nice when set down on a shelf or on top of your media cabinet. When it comes to exuding a very specific quality, however, we doubt they’ll come close to the Marshall Acton Oxblood, a Bluetooth speaker decked in the likeness of the outfit’s oxblood-colored amps.

A limited edition color for the outfit’s popular Bluetooth speaker, it offers an alternative to the otherwise humdrum black and white options you’ve probably seen around. It comes in a series of just 300, too, making it quite the collectible for both Marshall fans and anyone looking for a nice-looking speaker to use around the house.


The Marshall Acton Oxblood doesn’t detract much from the original in terms of style and function. You still get the same vintage rock-and-roll feel of the outfit’s iconic amps, from the old-timey front fret to the gold-colored metal details to the retro control knobs, as well as the same Class D amplifiers pumping out a powerful bass and a satisfying sound. Two of the knobs up top allow you to fine-tune both the treble and the bass (the last one’s for the volume), ensuring you’ve got plenty of room to bringing it right to your desired sound. Features include two three-quarter inch dome tweeters, one four-inch woofer, and a 3.5mm cable for plugging into your music source.


Available now, the Marshal Acton Oxblood is priced at $249.

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