Manfrotto Advanced Rear Backpack This bag makes it all but impossible to steal your expensive DSLR from the camera compartment. Unless, of course, they steal the bag, that is.


It’s not that common to have an expensive DSLR stolen from a backpack while you’re wearing it. If you think about it, though, it’s not that hard to open someone’s bag behind their back and swipe the camera, especially with camera bags integrating convenient quick access openings in the front and sides. That won’t be a concern with the Manfrotto Advanced Rear Backpack.

Instead of being accessed from the top, front, or side, you can only reach into the bag’s camera compartment from the rear. That means, someone will have to reach between your back and the bag, ensuring there’s no way to steal your gear without alerting you to what’s taking place.


The Manfrotto Advanced Rear Backpack reserves the lower part of the bag for the camera chamber, which comes with modular dividers for safely transporting a full-size DSLR body and up to three lenses. And, yes, the entire camera compartment can be removed, in case you want to use the bag for work or travel, with the upper and lower compartments merging by simply unzipping the integrated divider.  A zippered front pocket has dedicated slots to store a 13-inch laptop, a 10-inch tablet, and a gaggle of A4 documents, while the side pocket can take a water bottle and other smaller gear.


Features include a rain-protected side compartment, an internal tripod compartment, padded shoulder straps, waist strap, chest strap, and nylon construction. It measures 17.7 x 12.6 x 7.5 inches (h x l x w).

Available now, the Manfrotto Advanced Rear Backpack is priced at $159.99.