ManDown Man Bag This bag lets you lift sacks of sand as your actual workout, with a configurable design that lets you adjust the amount of sand to change up the weight.


Fill any bag with sand and you can use it to get a pretty decent workout.  From turning it into a punching bag to using it for resistance training, there are plenty of ways to go. Problem is, most bags aren’t equipped to be used for exercise, likely leading to damaging its straps, handles, and various other components.  So if you’re considering using a sandbag for your home workouts, just pick up one of these ManDown Man Bags instead.

A bag purpose-built for exercise, it’s designed to be filled with variable amounts of sand, with a smattering of straps that allow it to serve as resistance equipment in a variety of exercises.  If you’ve been thinking of working out at home, but find the idea of putting down $1,000 or more for equipment a bit too much, then this thing should offer a more affordable, albeit less conventional, alternative.


The ManDown Man Bag is made from 1,000 denier nylon with 2-inch polypropylene webbing handles, reinforced rubber handles, flat-felled seams, and reinforced box stitches, so it should survive a serious beating, whether you’re working out indoors or out in the backyard.  A two-stage closure with roll-down ends allow you to fill it with any weight between 30 to 80 pounds of sand, all while locking the contents tight, so the sand doesn’t move around while performing your exercises. And if you like to enjoy a cold brew the night after a good training session, it even comes with detachable buckle covers that convert into handy beer koozies.


Available now, the ManDown Man Bag is priced at $115.