MAAP Detour Winter Long Sleeve Jersey No, you don't have to be crazy to ride bicycles in the winter. You just need to wear the right clothes. Like this one.


No, those cyclists you see riding their bicycles while wearing racing jerseys during chilly winter days aren’t crazy. Chances are, they’re just motivated to put in some training. Plus, you can’t be crazy if you’re wearing clothes equipped to keep the winter cold out like MAAP’s colorful Detour Winter Long Sleeve Jersey.

Designed for the colder days of the year, it’s built to keep you toasty while braving the cold air of the season, whether you’re hitting the road in the morning, at the height of noon, or much later in the day. Simply put, this thing will protect you from the erstwhile biting cold way, way better than traditional cycling tops.


The MAAP Detour Winter Long Sleeve Jersey has a race-oriented, aerodynamic fit, complete with a breathable and high-wicking fabric construction, so it should support your rides just like a proper, technical jersey. It also comes with SPF 50 sun protection, so it will keep harmful sun rays out during winter days with more variable weather conditions. The hem band on the sleeve uses a single-layer bonded fabric, resulting in a sleeve that runs tight all the way to the cuff similar to arm warmers, with a rear pocket cut in a durable material that only stretches horizontally, so it will never sag even when fully loaded.


Available now, the MAAP Detour Winter Long Sleeve Jersey is priced at $190.

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