Lululemon Moon Drift Train to Beach Hoodie A part of big wave surfer Mark Healey's collection, this hooded sweater is designed to hold up to gym workouts and gym shenanigans alike.

Yes, we didn’t know Lululemon sponsored big wave surfers, either, but it turns out Mark Healey has been the outfit’s brand ambassador for years now. And now, he’s got own his own collection. No, Lululemon hasn’t quite expanded to making apparel for surfing 60-foot waves, but the collection does include some fine-looking athleisure pieces. The Lululemon Moon Drift Train to Beach Hoodie is our favorite of the lot.

As the name says, this garment is made for both the gym and beach, giving you a hooded sweatshirt that will keep you looking good, whether you’re pumping iron at the local fitness club, goofing around with friends at the beach, or even going on a night out. It’s a stylish piece – one that should pair well with sportwear and casual outfits alike.

The Lululemon Moon Drift Train to Beach Hoodie is cut in a fabric made with a blend of 88 percent polyester and 12 percent elastane, giving it the needed four-way stretch to support your upper body’s movements during workouts and beach shenanigans. It’s sweat-wicking, so the darn thing won’t be soaking up all that perspiration from the hard work you put in, as well as abrasion-resistant, so it should hold up to all the rugged surroundings it will encounter while you play around the sand, the rocks, and everything else at the local beach.

It’s been treated with No-Stink Zinc, an invisible coating that stops the growth of odor-causing bacteria right on the fabric, so the garment shouldn’t smell even after a couple of hours in the gym and the rest of the day soaking up sun by the water. They also gave it UV protection, so the darn thing doesn’t deteriorate due to extended sun exposure. Features include an underarm gusset (for even greater mobility), a secure zippered pocket, and a fabric that becomes more textured after washing.

The Lululemon Moon Drift Train to Beach Hoodie is available now, priced at $128.

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