Lululemon Bowline Pants Utilitech These sweatpants look good enough for a day out, all while being roomy and stretchy enough for utter comfort during lazy days.

It looks like a regular pair of sweatpants. You know, the kind you’ll wear on a lazy Sunday while you do the laundry, tidy up in the backyard, and goof around to while the day away. Except, the Lululemon Bowline Pants Utilitech are also nice enough that you can dress it up for a day out on the town, allowing you to gallivant in comfort without sacrificing style.

Designed to dress you in comfort, the sweatpants are loose enough to give your lower body enough room to breathe, all while sporting a slim-enough cut to not make you look like a shapeless blob. Whether you’re shopping for fresh goods at the local farmer’s market, digging through the bargain bin at your favorite at comic book shop, or playing chess with neighborhood folks at the park, this thing cleans up your look the way a proper athleisure garment should.

The Lululemon Bowline Pants Utilitech is made from a soft fabric (54 percent polyester, 33 percent cotton, 13 percent elastane) that’s been chosen for utmost comfort when brushing up on your skin, all while being abrasion-resistant, so it won’t just tear and puncture when you wear it to tidy up in the garden, clean up the bedroom, or fix up stuff around the house. It boasts a four-way stretch, so you can move freely as you go about your day, all while allowing you to wear it for training, so you can be somewhat comfortable while performing excruciating workouts.

While it sports a streamlined fit for that contemporary slim look, it does leave enough room in the glutes and thighs for comfortable motion, complete with the outfit’s “anti-ball crushing” engineering to keep your family jewels untouched even when you go commando. It comes with several pockets for stashing stuff, including a zippered one for carrying valuables, as well as a drawcord that you can wear outside or hide by folding the waist of the garment.

The Lululemon Bowline Pants Utilitech is available in four colors, priced at $128.

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