Logitech Zone Wireless Plus: These Headphones Were Made For Today’s Open Workspaces Logitech's new wireless headphones are designed for the noisy open workspaces of modern offices.


Whether you spend your productive hours in an open-layout office, a local coffee shop, or some other space with people around you, the dynamics are the same: you’re working in the middle of a lot of ambient noise. And sometimes, you need to tune it out if you’re going to get things done. The Logitech Zone Wireless Plus is designed to help with that.

Designed for people in open workspaces, the headphones are fitted with active noise cancellation, allowing you to significantly reduce the surrounding sounds. Whether you need the silence to focus on the task at hand or you just don’t appreciate the endless muttering of people around you, this thing lets you tune them all out, so you can work with minimal distraction.


The Logitech Zone Wireless Plus is an on-ear headset that’s designed for crystal-clear conversation, so you can hear clients, suppliers, and co-workers in the middle of all the bustling in the office, while the noise-canceling dual MEMS mic array allows whatever you’re saying to be clearly heard by whoever’s on the other end of the line. And yes, it’s supposed to deliver that performance even in the busiest offices. It has a microphone boom that you raise up when not in use and pull down in line with your mouth for conversations, with a design that puts it over an inch away from your mouth, so you can still sip coffee and stuff your face with donuts while engaged in a group conversation with the rest of your team.

While designed to facilitate clear conversations over the internet, Logitech claims the headphones are also fine-tuned for music listening, with simple controls allowing you to switch from one mode to another, which immediately changes the device’s audio profile. That means, it should let you enjoy your favorite music playlists just as well as your favorite pair of cans at home. It can connect with your PC, smartphone, and tablet concurrently, by the way, with a button on the headset letting you switch among them for the current active pairing, so you can listen to music on your PC one moment then easily switch to your phone when somebody’s calling.


The Logitech Zone Wireless Plus comes with multiple buttons right on the headset, allowing you to control a whole load of things right from the device, including volume, voice calls (accepting and ending), microphone (activating and muting), active noise cancellation, and current pairing. Alternatively, you can use Tune app to control the headset, just in case you want even more options available at your disposal.


It supports Bluetooth, so you can easily connect to phones, tablets, and laptops, with a bundled 2.4GHz receiver allowing you to connect to PCs without a Bluetooth chip built-in. Other features include 14 hours of battery life (with active noise cancellation), Qi Wireless charging support, a silicone-padded headband, breathable faux leather ear pads, a wireless range of 100 feet, and support for up to .

Want one? The Logitech Zone Wireless Plus is available now, priced at $249.99.

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